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April is National Kite Month

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General Information About The Project

If you want to have a great time celebrating the arrival of spring in April, you're invited to join the biggest kite happening ever planned in North America. The AKA (American Kitefliers Association), in cooperation with the KTAI (Kite Trade Association International) has declared April to be National Kite Month.


Our goal is to have 600 kite events worldwide during National Kite Month. An event doesn't have to be a big festival; we encourage local fun flies, kitemaking workshops, indoor flies, buggy races, kite displays in public libraries and malls, and school demonstrations.

We urge individual enthusiasts, local kite clubs, local service clubs, schools, parks and AKA or KTAI members all to plan and organize events. To make this possible, the National Kite Month Headquarters will provide logistical support.

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