Ideas for organizing information can include many avenues.  The list of options seems to spread across an almost endless expanse of opportunities.  Let's look at a

few tried and true methods that may aid you in getting started.  If you are organized you have what you need and are prepared when you need it.

  • Use an assignment note book to record your assgnments every day for every class.  When you have big projects or tests on the horizon you can break these down into smaller portions and assign a portion of the project or test review on a daily basis.


  • Use a spiral or three ring notebook to keep your class notes.  Use a seperate one for each class.


  • Use a folder  for each class you attend.  Label it and keep handouts, homework, tests or quizzes for each class in its' individual folder.  Color coding each folder by class can help as well. 


  • Have the phone number of at least two to three classmates.  This will aid you  if you are absent and need the days assignment.  It can also be beneficial if you have a question on an assignment or test review.  


  • Keep your locker, backpack, and study areas neat.  This will allow you to find every thing you need quickly and provided a successful study environment.  


  •  Get ready for the next day of school the night before not as the school bus is arriving or your ride is pulling out of the driveway!    


Do you ever feel like you never have enough time to do it all?  You have homework, a part time job, sports, clubs, church duties, chores, other family responsibilities and the list goes on.  Visualize all the facets of your life as food on a plate.  Every activity, responsibilty, and commitment you have is another food item.  Is your plate large enough to hold it all?




Plate of Food. Image Description:



Managing your time can be like a juggling act on a daily basis.  In order not to drop the ball you will need to manage your time wisely.

  • Create a plan and then WORK the plan.


  • Use a calendar to post your appointments, work schedule, sporting events, etc. and check it daily.


  • Don't overbook yourself on a given day.  Leave time to eat right and get enough sleep.


  • Use your class time and study halls effectively.


  • Know when and how to take breaks!  Balance and moderation in all things is good.


  • When you need help get it.  Your parents, teachers, and coaches are there to help you along your journey use them to aid in your success.


Graphic Organizers:

My favorite web site for graphic organizers is: Check out this site for printable versions of dozens of possible organizers.

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