Tips and Ideas for Parents

      You are the parent of a high school student!  It is a time of transition and change.  And a time in your students life when they need your support and direction more than ever.  There are so many new things in your students life that it is easy for them to become distracted.  You can help give the stability and guidance they need.  Here are a few ideas that are offered as suggestions to aid you in your quest to help your student achieve success and to realize their personal dreams.

  • Provide a study space your child can use daily.
  • Help your child set personal goals.
  • Reward hard work and determination.
  • Discourage apathy and half measures.
  • Insist your child attend school daily.
  • Deal effectively with homework.
  • Listen to their thoughts and ideas. 
  • Encourage individual problem solving.
  • Encourage positive activities.
  • Set limits and boundries.
  • Review all report cards and communicate with teachers and school staff.
  • Be a role model they can believe in.
  • Above all else love them for the unique and special people they are.

     It sounds like a tall order but you are the gift they have been given to guide them through these important years.  Cherish every moment and know that you make a difference in the quality of your student's life.  Enjoy the journey.



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