Hi and let me welcome you again to Munsch's Musings


     I have been teaching now for 12 years.  I came to the teaching profession as a second career.  I previously worked in newspaper and cable advertising.  I have also worked in retail sales and management, but I did not find true joy in the work place until I answered the call to teach.


Schools I  attended:

Sacred Heart of Jesus School       St.Francis, Wisconsin

Saint Francis High School             St. Francis, Wisconsin

Milwaukee Area Technical College  Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Graphic and Applied Arts

Silver Lake College                       Manitowoc, Wisconsin

Englidh Education Degree

Olivet Nazarene University          Bourbonnais, Illinois

Masters of Reading program.


My Family:

     I am so blessed to be married to a wonderful, supportive husband who believes in me and encourages my pursuits.

John and I share five daughters.  My step-daughters are Traci, Teri, and Toni.  And my girls are Emily and Amanda.

We have two son-in-laws Brian and Doug.  Our children are all grown and actively living there lives and pursuing their own dreams.  All of the girls are college grads.  The three older girls work in the business sector, Emily works at a law firm and is a Paralegal.  Amanda is a certified social worker and is working as a pediatric social worker for the Marshfield Clinic, in Marshfield, Wisconsin. Brian is a large machine maintainance Supervisor for a company in Sheboygan, Wisconsin and Doug works in the non-profit sector in Milwaukee County. We are proud of their accomplishments and are always excited to hear about the happenings in their lives.  They are truly the jewels in my tapestry of life.

      There is one other member of our family that came to live with us about 11 years ago.  He is a Blue Tick Beagle named Buddy.  We rescued him from a local shelter and can't imagine life without him!  He was an abused animal before we got him but with love and lots of attention he is now a very happy dog!


Hobbies and Interests

     It probably goes without saying that I love to read and I love to write.  I generally read a large number on young adult books each year to stay current with the literature my students are reading.  I also read magazines. My favorites are Smithsonian Magizine and Country Living.  My other reading passion is the newspaper on Sunday mornings with breakfast.

     I majored in Art in High School and studied Graphic and Applied Arts at MATC so art and creativity are important to me.  I love to draw, paint, craft, and turn what my husband would call "trash to treasures". My most resent project was an old dollhouse I tranformed into a Christmas gingerbread house.  I am also restoring an antique quilt that dates back to the 1930's.  It was an auction find for $3.00!

     My favorite board game is Scrabble.  My favorite movies are "Music of the Heart", "It's a Wonderful Life", and "Lean on Me".  John and I share a love of music and have almost every genre represented in our collection. 

In addition to all that I enjoy cooking and baking, gardening, decorating, and traveling.


 This is "Buddy Munsch" in his favorite spot on the couch!
 Here are some pictures from our most recent trip to Savannah,Georgia. 
Here I am outside of the Wilkes House.  It is a wonderful resturant that serves real southern cooking boarding house style.  We had  lunch, terrific conversation with the people at our table and we didn't need to eat for the rest of the day! 

This is a view of the Atlantic ocean at Tybee Beach.  We spent the day swimming, gathering sand dollars, sea shells ,and watching the fishermen try to catch something off the pier.  We saw a jellyfish( avoided it!) and a school of young stingrays that had made their way into the beach area just 50 feet from the shore.(We moved out of their way too!) This ocean and it's inhabitants were fascinating.  We can't wait to go back.

 This is the marina at the tip of Hilton Head Island.  There were some amazing boats docked that day.
 The pictures below are interior pictures of Fort Pulaski.  It was named for General Cashmire Pulaski, a Polish general who came to America to aid the colonists during the Revolutionary War.  He came to be of service because of his heart felt belief that all men were entitled to Liberty.
 These photos are of the common areas for the enlisted men.
 This was the Commanding Officiers quarters.  And the interior walls of the fort can be seen through the windows.
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